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Pain Points Impacting Sales Success

What Matters Is What Our Customers Say


For CEOs we test and document ideal revenue outcomes against their strategic priorities and then put in place the right sales strategy and plans to create a culture that drives faster, more profitable sales with improved predictability.


CFOs will be able to hold the business to account for performance and results; we deliver a measurable ROI on the sales tools, training and systems that...

Our Team

Fresh Perspective Sales experts have 30-plus years of in-depth sales and senior sales leadership experience across B2B, B2C, direct/indirect industries within and outside of New Zealand.


We don’t just stand on the sideline “telling our customers what to do”; we become part of our customer’s team(s) and take ownership and accountability for results.

Barriers to Sales Success
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Professional athletes rely on coaches – do salespeople?

In any sport, athletes and teams have access to multiple coaches with various areas of specialty to help them reach their full potential. Consider the Los Angeles Lakers, for example. Frank Vogel is the Head Coach, and there are six Assistant Coaches, all of these are additionally supported by specialists for health and nutrition.


For much of the sales world, it’s no different.  The notion that sales coaching is an essential ingredient in improving sales organisations is never disputed, but most sales leaders (if they’re honest) will tell you that they barely have time to manage their sales teams – and they simply don’t have time to coach

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90% of Sales Professionals Do Not Know How To Ask Good Questions…

Studies have shown that 90 percent of seasoned “sales professionals” do not know how to ask good questions or are afraid to ask them. That’s a staggering number: 9 out of 10….!

If, however, you learn how to ask good questions, you can automatically set yourself apart from your competition, and win more business quicker...

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