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Our Services

For CEOs we test and document ideal revenue outcomes against their strategic priorities and then put in place the right sales strategy and plans to create a culture that drives faster, more profitable sales with improved predictability.


CFOs will be able to hold the business to account for performance and results; we deliver a measureable ROI on the sales tools, training and systems that need to be in place to increase revenues and improved customer satisfaction.  


For CROs and sales leaders we become a mentor that helps them focus on “what makes their boat go faster”.  


For individual Sales Reps we help them develop more strategic, profitable and sustainable relationships whilst dramatically increasing their Sales Effectiveness.

In order do things right, and in the right priority and sequence, we apply a systematised, holistic, structured and proven approach based on the below mentioned four pillars of the Fresh Perspective Sales “DNA Blueprint of a Peak Performing Sales Organisation”, to the delivery and successful outcomes of our services. 

Strategy & Adoption
Aligning Strategy

Aligning the sales strategy with the business strategy, so that everyone is clear and rowing in the same direction. Ensuring sales coverage, role design, sales force size and territory design supports the overall strategy.

Ensuring Cross Functional Integration

Map critical touch-points and accountabilities between “Concept to Market”, "Lead to Contract" and “Fulfilment to Cash”

Customer Connections
Growing Sustainable Customer Loyalty

Account Planning - Key Account Management - New Customer Acquisition. Creation of talking points and stories that highlight your company’s differentiators. 

Defining Segments and Partners

Customer & Partner Segmentation including creating effective Channel Programs to ensure joint market success

Enabling Transformation and Change

Ensuring prioritised transformation and embedded change roadmaps are executed upon. We create clear timelines and systematic processes to drive transformational change by surfacing, root causing and prioritising organisational gaps.

Sales Enablement
Defining your Sales Enablement Strategy

Aligning the enablement vision to optimise structure, role and workflows for success. Ensuring your sales operations team is a value-added function that is responsible for leading initiatives and driving innovations that create sales success and strategic advantage for the sales organisation.

Building a Smarter Tech Stack

Align sales technology enablers to drive increased productivity, Sales Effectiveness and reduce seller burden. Ensuring that the tools are embedded in workflows and organised around the customer buying journey. We help drive CRM adoption & data quality, and increasing your ROI, which includes enabling a business-level view of the customer, execution of business processes, and reporting that supports seller guidance, pipeline health and forecasting.


Developing and embedding measures to drive Sales Velocity and increased Sales Effectiveness with disciplined sales leadership, coaching and proactive pipeline management.

Driving Sales Effectiveness
Developing Programs and Processes that Move the Dial

Enable tools, processes and create metrics and dashboards that capture capture essential customer and account data to drive activity management, pipeline, insight- driven decisions, as well as time and priority.  Define your sales process(es) aligned to the customer buying journey(s).

Planning Successful Outcomes

Creation and embedding of Account, Portfolio, Channel and Territory Plans for focused growth. Ensuring these are consistently updated, current and executed upon.

People Potential
Building Sustainable Capability

Competency design and development from on-boarding to succession, based on the skills, behaviors and mindsets of high-performing sellers. Creation of recruiting and performance management processes that are governed by agreed Sales Competencies and expected results.

Licensing to Sell

Development and delivery of sales and sales leadership training curricula and tools. Our training programmes upskill sellers on critical sales skills in addition to product/ technical knowledge. Training is incorporated into sellers’ workflows to maximise experiential learning opportunities as well as full adoption. Creation of formal certification programs to ensure seller proficiency in required competencies. We coach the coaches (i.e. sales leaders).

Building a Peak Performance Culture

Embedding peak performance behaviours enabling growth and customer experience and loyalty.

Compensation Design & Management

Creation of the right reward architecture and clear incentives that  drive desired behaviours and  success.

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