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Our Team

Our point of difference is not our extensive experience & the results we deliver,

it's how we are experienced by our customers:

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Fresh Perspective Sales experts have 30-plus years of in-depth sales and senior sales leadership experience across B2B, B2C, direct/indirect industries within and outside of New Zealand. We don’t just stand on the sideline “telling our customers what to do”; we become part of our customer’s team(s) and take ownership and accountability for results.

Fresh Perspective Sales aligns strategy, people, processes and the tools to increase the predictability and scalability of your customer relationship function.


Our in-house developed holistic methodology and clear approach, the “DNA Blueprint of a Peak Performing Sales Organisation”, is based on tried and tested global research and has resulted in increased revenues and profitability, market share and client advocacy for our customers across multiple different industries and locations. 

The two founders and directors have been in "sales" all their lives. Each started out as an individual sales representative, in countries as varied as Australia, South Africa, The Netherlands, and of course New Zealand, following which they advanced their careers to become Sales Managers, Sales Directors, and General Managers. 

Since its foundation, Fresh Perspective Sales has delivered results to numerous businesses and organisations with footprints not only in New Zealand but also overseas. If and when required, Associates are contracted with relevant subject-matter-expertise so that we can scale our offerings. 

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“If there were a few words that could describe the team at Fresh Perspective Sales it would be their structure and how organised they are, their experience - their depth of experience in sales, and their passion and their drive.” 

Liz Fraser, GM Global Sales Operations, Air New Zealand

Sales Transformation Air New Zealand
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