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Is adaptive sales coverage the key to market dynamics?

The shock of COVID-19 crisis is over. Most organisations have seamlessly moved into a new normal, at least for the time being. There is an acceptance that market dynamics and customer buying patterns are highly volatile. Economic instability and recessionary forces are impacting all. Cost cutting while essential, is a short-term survival initiative. Revenue generation has to move the forefront of change.

As market leaders, we must adapt to the current situation. That means quickly re-evaluating the way customers want to interact and buy. With this, lock in go-to-market plans and resource allocations to determine where changes are required for your recovery to growth plan.

An optimised sales coverage plan requires segmentation with sales capacity ratios. It involves optimal deployment of expensive face to face salespeople. Additionally, building alternative sales channels like inbound/outbound telesales. For some, a programmatic artificial intelligence driven system to cover the high percentage of the total addressable market.

To answer the blog question: YES BUT!!!

Sales Coverage is only one key component of 20 that drive revenue generation and sales effectiveness. It may be the key pulley to accelerated revenues. However, it may not.

There are others that could have a greater impact on revenue generation: sales capability, sales process, CRM, change adaptability, strategy alignment, customer planning to name a few

A Sales Effectiveness Baseline Diagnostic could be the most valuable 15 minutes you could spend this week. Gain an objective view of how you perform against the four pillars of a peak performing sales organisation. The insight of the findings and recommendations will help give a focused view for your Recovery to Growth Plan.

Contact us if you want to find out how we can help you address the challenges you have with your sales.

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