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A Birds’ Eye View Makes Sense For Buyers

Updated: May 16

Photography has always been a hobby and when opportunity arises, I usually grab my trusty Nikon and head out looking for that elusive shot. However, my whole perspective and passion changed on my last birthday – enter drone photography!

All of a sudden, views that were previously hidden from me, become possible. Things that I could never have seen using my hand-held Nikon were revealed in the drone view screen. Just compare the lateral and drone view of the Koru at Kelly’s Beach.

This got me thinking, (dangerous I know), but over the many years of working in sales buyers have become more and more well informed. The internet provides them with thousands of shots of solutions and services that could be considered to solve their business pains. Global research found that buyers were at least 57% through their buying cycle before they reached out to suppliers. In fact, Gartner found 62% of the buyers’ learning takes place outside of conversations with sellers.

The reality though, is buyers are receiving multiple lateral view-based information, not a cohesive bird’s eye (drone) view of the possible.

As a result, from a seller’s perspective, adding value has become more and more difficult. From the buyer’s side, the ever-increasing challenge is how much of the information at their disposal is pertinent. Additionally, is it accurate and does it have the capacity to deal with the contradictions and trade-offs between suppliers’ perceived competence/proficiency.

The problem is no longer information quality versus quantity, but one of how to make sense of it all. In other words, enable clarity and sense of a view like this…. providing a holistic ‘bird’s eye’ view of solutions to address the drivers and initiatives of the business, from either point of view.

Sales enablement platforms such as Seismic are brilliant in helping develop a personalised experience for their buyers, through the delivery of relevant content. As in a drone photograph, It orchestrates a cohesive ‘top-down’ view, engaging buying experiences, at scale, optimising both time and priority for sellers.

B2B Sellers now have focussed on one-side of the coin, in order to overcome buyers’ inherent scepticism of sellers. The seller is enabling the buyer to make sense of the ‘art of the possible’, by building confidence in the information they encounter.

In order to do so, it is the seller who is providing these insights. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is where many sellers fall down. This is the unflatteringly termed, “show up and throw up” without cognisance of the ‘top down’ vision, (the ‘drone shot’) that provides clear holistic views which align with the buyers’ drivers and initiatives.

Sellers need the scaffolding to build the ‘drone view’. This is a clear, structured way of developing meaningful aligned buyer insights interlinked with the content enablement content from Seismic.

Combining the Seismic platform with Fresh Perspectives Sales’ (FPS) insight messaging storyboard methodology, is inherent to FPS' “Insight Selling and Power of Questioning Program”. This aims to equip the seller with the right tools and approach to envision buyers and is research based.

Gartner’s studies indicate that a differentiated sales experience drives 53% of customer’s loyalty when compared to value-to-price ratios of 9% or product and service delivery of 19%.

This sales experience is making sense of the plethora of information available and valuable perspectives of the market. It enables buyers navigate the myriad of alternatives, avoid potential landmines, as well as educate them on new issues and outcomes.

In this changed world of buyers and sellers, one cannot ignore the drone view insights that sellers need to enable buyers to make sense of their world and view the potential with clarity offering a fresh perspective, to coin a phrase.

Contact us to have a discussion on how we can enable 'drone view insight selling' from your sales team in order to align solutions to buyers’ drivers and initiatives.

Fresh Perspective Sales are the NZ-partner for Seismic.


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