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Almost two years on and counting.....

Updated: May 16

We are still living through extraordinarily challenging times and it does not look like changing anytime soon. Some would say, dare we say it, “this is the new normal”.

Everyone is affected, whether it be medically, emotionally, financially or all of these. For many, there are more questions than answers leaving most wondering what to do to keep their business healthy and customers loyal.

The financial impacts on sectors and industries is impeding and changing the way customers want to interact and buy. There is no doubt that buying behaviour dynamics, ‘go-to-market’ and makeup of sales will continue to be in flux going forward.

While salespeople aren’t first responders, they do represent the front line of the business. The key objective is enablement, through structured and measurable sales effectiveness change initiatives.

This means agile functional change, rebalancing of structures and processes and for some reduction of headcount.

The questions surrounding this are endless….. “Where is the best bang for buck?”; “What are the key focus areas?”; “What changes do we prioritise?”; “Is it capability?”; “Are roles, responsibilities, processes and systems in step with our evolving strategy?”

‘One cannot manage what one cannot measure’ is a well-known adage. The obvious starting point then, should be to diagnose the key components that drive the DNA of a peak performing sales organisation. This diagnostic will identify what parts of the sales organisation are performing well, where significant improvements can be actioned, blind spots and where nothing exists at all.

Armed with this prioritised heat map, an agile change program can be initiated that may not be the first place organisations traditionally go – reduce head count.

Contact us if you want to find out how we can help you address the challenges you have with your sales.

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